MCS Garage


MyCarShop Singapore was founded in 2008. It was originally a humble online blog shop ( selling car accessories for avid auto enthusiasts who like to enhance their rides. As it was setup by car modification enthusiasts for enthusiasts, we knew exactly what their needs are and believe in fulfilling them. Therefore our business was quickly picking up.

However, customers were only able to purchase our items online or through self collection meetups at that point of time. As such, many of them has feedbacked that it is very hard to fix a time and venue whereby both parties can agree on. Some of our customers were also feeling uncomfortable and skeptical about making online purchases from us as e-commerce was not popular back then.

In order to solve this impending issue, our team has decided that it was high time to open a physical retail store. Opening a physical store would then would boost our credibility as an online e-commerce store. Our customers would also be able to drop by our shop any time to take a look at our products and purchase them directly from us.

Our First Retail Store

At last, on 1st October 2009, we have opened our first retail store in Ubi. We had also managed to expand our product base to include car accessories like steering wheels, gear knobs, gauges, meters, air intakes, horns, alarms, reverse sensors, LED styling, VIP styling, HIDs, sport seats, in car entertainment systems and many more to cater to the increasing needs of our customers.

However, as we were only operating as a retail store, many of our customers had feedbacked that they were unable to install the items on their own.

In order to provide a more holistic service to our customers, we had then employed mechanics to provide installation services.

Business was expanding quickly and we began to realise that there was a need for a bigger venue as our current place can only accomodate one vehicle at a time and there were no shelter in event of rain.

As our lease was also up, we took the opportunity to shift to a bigger unit just a few units away.


On 9th November 2011, our new shop front was finally up!

The decision to shift was warmly welcomed by our customers as the working enviromnent was better and also more parking space available. We were operating for about a year plus and it was during Oct 2012 that we received news that our landlord has decided to sell the unit away due to unforeseen circumstances. We were forced to relocate by 31st December 2012.

As time was tight, we were unable to find a nearby suitable unit and we had no choice but to shift over to Braddell Road and admist all the rush and shifting, we managed to get our shop up and running by 1st January 2013.


Business resumed as usual but however with popular eateries nearby, traffic was bad and parking soon became a serious problem. Many of our customers complained that they were unable to find a parking lot. Some of them were also not unable to find our shop due to the confusing road structures around the area.


Our plan to expand the scope of our products and services such as car servicing, suspension and brake systems were also hindered due to the space and land use constraints.

Therefore with much consideration, we have decided to move again despite the hassle.

At last, after a long period of preparation and hard work, we have finally moved permanently to our current location at

No. 10 Kaki Bukit Road 2, #03-25,
First East Centre
Singapore 417868

and had our official opening on 31st August 2014.