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Strut bars have a few different names. You may also hear them referred to as strut tower braces or shock tower braces. Essentially, these bars connect the two front strut towers under your hood, creating a point of unification that overcomes the shortcomings of the suspension and reduces chassis flex. On vehicles with a very stiff chassis, or on ones that don’t travel at high speeds, a strut bar doesn’t do much besides add a little underhood dress up. On vehicles that are light and nimble, it gives them new responsiveness, allowing them to handle speedy corners with greater ease.

A strut bar is also one of the easiest modifications to install and is one of the first choices for Mustang enthusiasts who have just caught the mod bug. It only takes two bolts to connect the strut bar and the benefits are evident immediately. It doesn’t hurt that strut bars are also relatively inexpensive.

Strut bars are different from sway bars in several key ways. One being that while strut bars are installed under your hood, sway bars are a bar connecting two wheels together. Connecting the front wheels increases understeer, and using a rear bar increases oversteer. Strut bars and sway bars are both designed to unify the suspension and improve handling, and using one doesn’t mean that you can’t use the other as well. Sway bars do a better job of reducing body roll.