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FOX Exhaust Systems



The sweet purr and bassy growl of an aftermarket exhaust is possibly, one of the many ways of stirring the soul and emotion of a tuned car enthusiast. We are one of Germany’s leading manufacturers in automotive exhaust systems, those that craving for that needy aural addiction can be cured, right here in Asia!

Introducing FOX Exhaust Systems, a company with 21 years of experience in the industry manufacturing what we do best; aftermarket exhaust systems. The company’s team of artisans are trained on the concept of providing the best exhaust system possible, hence our obsession with top-notch quality finishes and an uncompromising attitude are the results of our products.

Starting with high quality V2A Tyoe 304 stainless steel pipe INOX, the approval for the FOX exhaust from TUV is an instant mind-settle. Made to conform with EEC quality and safety standards, the exhaust system is also insured with a three year warranty against unlimited mileage and corrosion.