MCS Garage


Involved in an accident? Fret not! MCS Garage is an authorised workshop for 3rd party insurance claim and repairs for all insurance companies. Your brand new car’s warranty will not be affected after the repairs and claims!

Legal advice and information with regards to the accident claim will also be provided free of charge by our claim specialists to ensure that there will be no complications in future! In addition, we also offer a replacement car or claim for loss of use during the repairing period, whichever is applicable in your situation.

What To Do In A Car Accident?

  • Stay Calm and Assess Casualties

    After a car accident, if you are okay, the first thing to do is to check for injuries on you and people around you to make sure that no one is in a life-threatening situation. Call the appropriate hotlines below immediately if the situation is out of your hands and require assistance.

    Police: 999
    Ambulance: 995
    Non-Emergency Ambulance: 1777
    EMAS : 1800 2255 582
    Police Hotline: 1800 255 0000
    Traffic Police: 6547 0000

  • Take Detailed Photos Of Vehicle

    After ensuring everyone’s safety, you should start assessing car damages, especially if you are the victim. Take detailed photos of the scene and other vehicles involved. Be sure to take a variety of photos with tight shots and wide shots in order to fully provide the context of the accident. You should also photograph the license plates of all vehicles involved. Take more photos as you never know what might be needed as evidence for your insurer. It’s best to leave your vehicle in the same position after a car crash and not move it around. Moving it around too much might give the auto insurance company enough doubt to dispute your claim. Next, get the particulars of the other driver.

    The information should include:

    Full name
    NRIC number
    Contact number
    Home address
    Name of their insurer

  • Call MCS Garage @ 9270 0917 Within 24 hours

    Once you have ensured that everyone is safe and you have already taken down the particulars of the other parties, Give us a call at 9270 0917 and we will immediately arrange an islandwide tow recovery service to tow your vehicle to our workshop.

    We will handle all the paperwork including IDAC reporting and provide a replacement vehicle for your usage on the spot If there are injuries during the accident, we will also assist you in filing your injury claims and income losses in any, that resulted from the injuries.