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The air condition system in your car is important to keep the temperature comfortable for you and your passenger. A good air conditioning system makes it easier to focus and concentrate while driving. Thus, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is not just a matter of comfort, but a matter of safety.

Here are some tips to keep your air conditioning system in top-notch condition:

  • Replace your cabin filter regularly.

    The cabin filter prevents smells or dust and other air-borne particles from reaching you. Replace it at least once a year or during each servicing session to ensure the circulation of clean air in your vehicle.

  • Recharge often

    Many problems with in-car air conditioning systems are a result of low levels of refrigerant that is used to cool down the air before distributing it throughout your vehicle. Refrigerant – also known as coolant – is like other liquids that your car uses in that it can diminish over time, so needs to be topped up periodically (this is called ‘recharging’).

  • Observe your vehicle.

    Condensation will be created under the vehicle whenever it stops as a result of air condition use.

  • Contact your workshop when necessary.

    If cool air is not being produced, turn the air conditioning off and contact your workshop for maintenance.

  • Utilise the ‘air conditioning treatment’.

    This treatment eliminates odours and decimates harmful bacteria leaving your car with a fresh, pleasant smell.