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At MCS Garage, we carry many different performance modification from coil over, brake kits, to exhaust to suit your needs.

Coilovers are a type of suspension system. They replace the shocks and springs as the standard suspension for your vehicle, providing easier cornering. They hold several advantages over other suspension systems, and they can be used on just about any type of vehicle. The coilover is known for improving handling better than any other suspension system. 

Lowering Springs are one of the cheapest and simplest ways to lower your car. We often talk about them as being the first step when you’re looking at the handling of your vehicle. This is because you can fit most lowering springs as a standalone upgrade, touching nothing else on the car. They can also be just one part of an upgrade package too. For a reasonable outlay you can unlock a whole lot of handling improvements.

Big brake kits offer a lot better stopping power compared to stock or OEM brakes. Their larger size and disc area, coupled with grippier brake pads, will shorten stopping distances, too. When you combine these larger discs and rotors with braided brake cables, the results can be immensely satisfying.

Brake rotors come in many different types. Before you can purchase a fresh set of brake rotors, you must understand each of these different types, what sets them apart, and what are the pros and cons of every style. The four kinds of brake rotors are:

Drilled Only – Drilled brake rotors are easy to recognize because they have a series of holes drilled into the metal.
Slotted Only – Slotted rotors have slots, which look like lines in the metal.
Drilled & Slotted – Drilled and slotted brake rotors combine the drill marking and slot marking.
Blank or Smooth – As the name suggests, blank or smooth brake rotors have a smooth or plain surface, with no holes or markings in the metal.

One of the most important components of high-performance brake pads is their ability to dissipate heatIf the brake pads get too hot, the brakes will fade — often boiling the hydraulic brake fluid in the process. Brake fade occurs when braking components get too hot, resulting in a loss of stopping power. 

The function of the air intake system is to allow air to reach your car engine. Oxygen in the air is one of the necessary ingredients for the engine combustion process. A good air intake system allows for clean and continuous airflow into the engine, thereby achieving more power and better mileage for your car.

Carspeed Pro Power Coil. Ultimate mod to increase engine torque and improve FC. Guarantee more responsive feel than ECU tuning.

  • Improves your car acceleration
  • Higher torque
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Better FC
  • Same effect as OKADA Plasma Direct Coil

The premium chip for your car. State-of-the-art industry-grade hardware, engine-specific mappings plus a comprehensive service package come together to bring you a driving experience you will love.

Exhaust modifications are normally one of the most common aftermarket upgrades that you might want to do on your car. The three biggest factors that influence purchasing of aftermarket exhaust systems are aesthetics, sound improvement and performance gain. Changing to a titanium/ stainless steel muffler or tail pipe design for example adds that sporty look to your car, and also makes your exhaust the focal point in the appearance of the vehicle. Louder and deeper sounding exhausts also attract a lot of attention to your car, and as the driver himself, it might be an adrenaline boost and music to his ears. Performance gains are also very important to some drivers who are starting their tuning journey. This is because aftermarket exhaust systems provide smoother bends/ straighter pipes which means that there will be lesser air flow restriction; achieving more efficient air flow and better performance.

Strut bars have a few different names. You may also hear them referred to as strut tower braces or shock tower braces. Essentially, these bars connect the two front strut towers under your hood, creating a point of unification that overcomes the shortcomings of the suspension and reduces chassis flex. On vehicles with a very stiff chassis, or on ones that don’t travel at high speeds, a strut bar doesn’t do much besides add a little underhood dress up. On vehicles that are light and nimble, it gives them new responsiveness, allowing them to handle speedy corners with greater ease.

A strut bar is also one of the easiest modifications to install and is one of the first choices for Mustang enthusiasts who have just caught the mod bug. It only takes two bolts to connect the strut bar and the benefits are evident immediately. It doesn’t hurt that strut bars are also relatively inexpensive.

Strut bars are different from sway bars in several key ways. One being that while strut bars are installed under your hood, sway bars are a bar connecting two wheels together. Connecting the front wheels increases understeer, and using a rear bar increases oversteer. Strut bars and sway bars are both designed to unify the suspension and improve handling, and using one doesn’t mean that you can’t use the other as well. Sway bars do a better job of reducing body roll.